A bill to appropriate N521.5bn for 2024 has been passed into law by the Enugu Assembly

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The 2024 budget estimate, with a total of N521,561,386,000, was approved into law by the Enugu State House of Assembly on Thursday.

Hon. Anthony Nwankwo, chairman of the House Committee on Appropriation, presented the report following the screening of the budget estimate on the House floor. He emphasized that the committee had found the estimate to be faultless and encouraged parliament to adopt and enact it into law.

With a capital expenditure of N414,334,120,000, representing over 79 percent of the entire budget, the state would soon witness uncommon infrastructural development. All members of the House praised Governor Peter Mbah for leading what they described as a paradigm shift in the budgeting ratio of recurrent and capital expenditures, which had always been skewed against the people.

Thus, the bill was passed into law by the House without a single dissenting vote.

At the same time, Speaker Hon. Uchenna Ugwu made it clear in his remarks after the measure passed that the House’s work was far from done, promising to exert strict monitoring to see that the law was fully implemented for the benefit of the people.

“The members of the state House of Assembly have just fulfilled their constitutional duty and passed this ‘Budget of Disruptive Economic Growth’ into law,” he declared. The executive branch of this government has made it a working document.

Prosperity for the people of Enugu State is within reach thanks to a budget that allocates about 79% to capital spending and 21% to recurrent expenditure. Large chunks of the budget go into several economic sectors, including agriculture, education, and healthcare.

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As a result, I strongly urge the executive to put the recommendations made in their report into action. I also want the state’s citizens to know that we will not shirk our oversight responsibilities in this House of Assembly.

“Things will not go according to plan. We shall see to it that the monies duly appropriated are utilized.

In addition, I’d like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to our beloved governor, Peter Mbah, for saving our state’s economy.

Keep in mind that the House of Assembly had promised to provide expedited consideration to Governor Mbah’s record-high budget estimate of N521.5bn, which he had presented on December 5, in order to bring development and growth to the people of the state.

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