A CNN correspondent regrets paying $215 for a visa, saying, “Nigeria showed me shege

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According to Larry Madowo, a CNN International correspondent, Nigeria charges an absurd $215 for a single entrance visa.

On Monday, Madowo announced this on his LinkedIn profile.

He claims that even though he has a Kenyan passport, which allows him to enter many African countries without a visa, including Uganda, South Africa, and Ghana, Nigeria charges a hefty $215 for a single-entry visa.

He wrote: “I was just charged $215 by Nigeria for a single-entry, one-month visa. Once more. I spent the same $215 when I went here three weeks ago. Since I’m visiting Nigeria for the third time this year, they have already earned $645 from me in 2024.

“The visa costs $25, but Nigeria always charges $170 for biometrics and $20 for the ‘processing fee.'” Since my arrival three weeks ago, my fingerprints have remained the same.

Why do I have to pay $170 every time I go to get them to pose for a picture? Isn’t that a prerequisite for granting someone entry into a nation?If we are going to charge Africans $215 for a single-entry visa, how can we ever accomplish the goal of an AfCFTA-envisioned borderless Africa?

“In the three weeks since my last visit to Lagos, I have traveled to South Africa, Ghana, and Uganda, all of which do not require a visa for holders of a Kenyan passport.

This year, I have also traveled to South Africa three times. Like the forefathers intended, it cost me nothing.

The “visa-free” illusion of Kenya’s Electronic Travel Authorization is comparable to Nigeria’s visa-on-arrival system in that both need advance application, submission of certain documentation, and waiting for approval. Up to five business days may elapse. Paying someone you know $50 or more will help expedite the approval process.

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“I adore Nigeria, but I’m having trouble getting a visa. There’s too much oo! This Shege Pro Max, why?

However, the application fees for a single entry visa (valid within six months) from US and Kenyan embassies were $25 and $144, respectively, according to checks made on the Nigerian Immigration Service portal.

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