Accept Mbah’s Olive Branch: A Supreme Court Judgment on the NYCN to Edeoga

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The Enugu State branch of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) has called on Barr Chijioke Edeoga, a candidate for governor of Enugu State from the Labour Party (LP), to accept the fellowship offer from Governor Peter Mbah.

In response to the Supreme Court’s ruling that upheld Mbah’s election as governor of Enugu State, the youth group lodged the appeal.

Mr. Bartholomew Ebuka Okoh, chairman of the NYCN in Enugu State, told DAILY POST on Saturday that the state’s citizens should rally around Mbah now that all legal options have been exhausted.

The LP candidate, Barr Chijoke Edeoga, has been handed an olive branch; I implore him to take it and work with Governor Peter Mbah to advance Enugu State.

A more peaceful political climate and better economic growth for the state are both envisioned as outcomes of the rallying cry for unification.

I have faith that Edeoga’s help, in conjunction with Mbah’s abilities, would greatly improve Enugu.

The call for cooperation goes beyond partisan boundaries.

“We are of the belief that by cooperating, we can improve the political climate and demonstrate to the younger generation the value of standing together to accomplish our shared objectives.”

He praised Mbah’s success and said it gave hope to all the young people in Enugu State.

Your achievements serve as an inspiration and a reminder that nothing is impossible when one is committed and works hard.

“May the governor’s justified triumph mark the commencement of an additional era brimming with ongoing prosperity, teamwork, and constructive contributions to the progress of Enugu,” Okoh remarked.

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