According to Sam Omatseye, Buhari’s entourage of vampires always wanted Tinubu out of the presidency

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Former president Muhammadu Buhari and the “vampires and peacocks” surrounding him never wanted Bola Tinubu to become president, according to Sam Omatseye, chairman of the editorial board of The Nation Newspapers.

He revealed that Buhari’s associates planned against Tinubu’s ascension to the presidency out of fear of him.

“Beating all odds: diaries and essays on how Bola Tinubu became president” was his most recent book in which he revealed this.

There was no doubt in my mind that President Muhammadu Buhari did not want him. His neighbors, the vampires and peacocks, were not interested in him. Some influential people in the country were terrified of him in addition to resenting him. A web of intrigue rapidly grew.

Both below and on the surface, conspiracies were brewing. It all started with the party’s upper echelons. They worked in tandem with the presidential cabal to derail Tinubu’s ambitions by removing Adams Oshiomhole’s executive. Along with it, they brought forth a candidate who might be broadly accepted. They were unable to even handle the concept of open and closed primaries, let alone define the term they invented; the law was their Achilles’ heel. Everywhere they turned, they encountered headwinds. They were fooled by their own weapon.

“The challenge that lay ahead never scared Tinubu. He perceived a garden filled with the aroma of roses, while others perceived a wilderness teeming with devils. He stated in December of 2021 that he was planning to make his candidacy announcement in a speech at the end of January of 2022. Before he threw himself into it, he would wait for the excitement of the holidays and the new year to die down.

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