Announcement of Hensard University tuition and miscellaneous charges

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Tuition and general costs for the 2023/2024 academic session that starts in January have been released by Hensard University, an institution committed to provide a quality education that emphasizes entrepreneurship, innovation, ethics, and practical skills.

The Vice-Chancellor of Hensard University, Professor Dileep Kumar M., stated, “As part of our commitment to delivering exceptional academic programmes and maintaining a conducive learning environment, Hensard University has structured the fees to ensure continued excellence.”

As the VC put it, Hensard is dedicated to helping its students succeed academically, creatively, and holistically so that they can go on to be leaders and innovators in their chosen fields. The dual certifications from Hensard are a result of our international connections with research institutions and organizations. Kumar, a professor of business organization, made the statement: “All of our faculties have research centers and institutes that are affiliated with organizations in Nigeria and abroad that excel in the areas.”

Even if they’re listed in dollars, you can pay with the Naira, the currency of Nigeria. In keeping with the international standards that Hensard has set as a baseline for its operations, Prof. Kumar said that some of the faculty and staff would be hired from outside the country.

“Hensard will spare Nigerians the hassle, expense, and cultural shock of studying abroad by facilitating their visa applications.”

The cost of attending any of Hensard’s 30 degree programs in any of its five schools is:

Agricultural College N2,000,000

One, the Agricultural Economics and Extension Division

Animal Production and Husbandry Department 2.

Section of Agricultural Sciences

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Four, the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department:

No. 5: Forestry and Wildlife Management Department

N1,700,000 in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Management Department

Division of Financial Reporting

2.The Division of Management

3.The Division of International Relations and Political Science

4.Procurement and Project Management Division

Fifthly, the History and Diplomatic Studies Department

6. The Economics Department

7.Muslim Arts and Performance Division

8.Theory and Religious Studies Division

Division of Linguistics and Language Studies

Computing and Science Faculty – N2,000,000

First, the Computer Science Division

Second, the Division of Scientific and Laboratory Technology

Section of Microbiology and Biotechnology 3.

Fourth, the Cybersecurity Division

Division of Electrical and Physical Engineering

Sec 6. Software Engineering Division

7.Data Science Division

8.Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Division

Media and Communication Studies Faculty – N1,700,000

Section One: Broadcasting

2The Film and Multimedia Studies Department

Thirdly, the newsroom

Environmental Science Faculty – N2,000,000

The Division of Ecological Management

Two, the Surveying and Geo-Informatics Department

Department of Climate Science and Meteorology

Fourth, the Geology and Geophysics Department

In addition, Hensard has declared general charges to fund programs and services that are critical to developing the well-rounded individuals that its students are expected to become. Here are the standard fees:

·N50,000 for medical expenses

·N50,000: Hensard Philanthropy

Starting a business – N50,000

N50,000 (Arts) and N100,000 (Science) from the Research & Innovation Support Fund

The cost of a hostel room is N200,000.

The following are the tuition and housing fees for the Hensard Foundation School that were issued by the university: Price breaks: N500,000 for tuition and N400,000 for housing and incidentals

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You can find further details and explanations regarding the costs and payment methods on Hensard’s official website.

These are the only authorized ways to get in touch with Hensard University:

Online Communities:

Hensard University on Twitter

Hensard University’s Facebook page

On Instagram, you may find him at Hensard University.

Link: @HensardUniversity on LinkedIn

Hensard University’s YouTube channel

Electronic mail

Email: for inquiries

Email the admissions office at to enrol.

Contact Details:

Questions? Call +234 916 998 5153.

Tel: +234 916 998 5152 VC Office

Find us on the web at



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