Awka natives oppose police takeover of their land in the wake of suspected conflicts

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Protests have broken out among the indigenous Awka people in response to the deployment of police operations to the Agu Nawgu region, particularly in the Ezinano area.

According to the locals, the deployment has placed a hold on property development on the property, and it was previously believed that the deployment had its roots in a communal disagreement.

Police agents claimed they had orders not to allow anyone into the contested land and halted a large group of indigenous people who had marched there on Saturday to see it.

In order to intimidate the natives, the agents also discharged gunfire.

Chief Kanayo Obidigbo, along with other indigenous members of the community who participated in the inspection, accused the Anambra State police authorities of being behind the deployment, claiming that their lack of neutrality was due to their obvious interest in the situation.

“We are here to inspect Agu Nawgu,” Obidigbo told the journalists. Our ancestors’ conquests brought them this country. It is a huge expanse of land, almost 60 km in radius. Our illiterate fathers created a survey plan of this land in 1949, and we’ve known it ever since.

Our ancestors let the Enugwu-Agidi cultivate the land for a while in exchange for rent, but when the latter stopped paying, our predecessors kicked them out.

This parcel of land is part of the Ezinano community of Awka, which is home to around twenty different settlements. The land and manors you see here are all Awka.

Our position is that it is improper for the cops to be on our property. We are unaware of the motivations of the Deputy Commissioner of Police, who dispatched the guys here.

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They have put a hold on progress at this location. Because the police have surrounded my building and begun firing at us, I am unable to carry out my business as usual.

How is it that the Enugwu-Agidi community, who are our tenants, are suddenly taking the lead in suing us, the landlords, simply because the police are on their side?

You saw today how the cops opened fire on us, the helpless indigenous Awka people, who don’t have any weapons with us. As you can see, the police deployed officers to our property, despite their claims to the IGP to the contrary. As we prepared to enter the property for an inspection, they opened fire on us.

“We implore the Inspector General to probe the police and order the removal of their agents from that property.”

Police Commissioner Aderemi Adeoye of Anambra State denied dispatching officers to the contested property when journalists contacted him.

But he didn’t say who sent the agents to the field.

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