Bauchi Governor’s Wife Launches Mental Health Task Force

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Hajiya Aisha Bala Mohammed, the governor of Bauchi State, and her husband have established a steering committee to track and resolve issues related to mental health in the state.

Also, the public mental health helpline was launched by Hajiya Aisha so that people could get a timely answer when they needed it.

The First Lady, speaking at Friday’s ceremony at Bauchi’s Hazibal Hotel, stressed the need for mental health interventions in both public and private healthcare settings.

Plan International and Global Affairs Canada (GAC) worked together with the State Ministry of Health to host the event.

She claims that the State Mental Health Steering Committee will facilitate the state’s mental health intervention coordination, strengthening, and implementation.

“Secondary prevention, or the identification and treatment of illnesses after they have already manifested, has long been the primary emphasis of mental health services. The promise of main prevention and promotion measures, however, is brought to light by convergent research.

We can improve overall health, alleviate pain, and stop mental health disorders from getting worse if we start treating them early. I implore all parties involved to think creatively about how to improve community mental health interventions and to work together toward a common goal.

In accordance with the FMoH’s orders, the State Mental Health Steering Committee will be formed with this perspective in mind.

There will be “proper coordination, strengthening, and implementation of mental health interventions in the state” thanks to the mental health steering group, she assured.

Mental health includes emotional well-being, resilience, and the capacity to cope with life’s difficulties, she emphasized, stressing the importance of mental health intervention.

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