Christmas Eve: 25,000 Personnel Deployed by the NSCDC

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Over the course of the holiday season, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) has sent 25,000 soldiers to guard vital national infrastructure and the lives of Nigerians.

Commandant-General Dr. Ahmed Abubakar Audi has ordered all the Assistant Commandant Generals and the Commandant of the Corps in Charge of the Zonal and State Commands to make sure that the officers and men of the Corps are strategically and adequately deployed to make sure that the Christmas and New Year’s festivities go off without a hitch, according to CSC Babawale Afolabi, the corps’ national public relations officer, who spoke to reporters in Abuja on Sunday.

All across the nation, he demanded the establishment of thorough operational tactics and strong, complex security systems.

The statement claims that all government critical infrastructure and assets, including oil pipelines, electrical installations, airports, railway stations, and other government buildings, will be heavily guarded by both overt and covert officers.

According to the statement, the Special Rapid Response Squad will also be involved with the Safe School Initiative Project, and the Female Squad will keep guarding schools around the country at all hours to avoid attacks or abductions.

It ordered the senior commanders to make sure the deployed people were well-supervised so they could do their jobs professionally.

The message served as a warning to the police, urging them to perform their duties professionally and to follow the rules of engagement to the letter. It also promised that any officer found wanting will face appropriate consequences.

The CG is pleading with the on-duty officers to step up their coordination with other security agencies to make sure the festivities go off without a hitch, and it’s also urging the public to be vigilant in their own security, obey the law, and help the security forces out by reporting suspicious behavior or individuals immediately.

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The CG extended heartfelt congratulations to Christians and the general public on this joyous day. He also thanked Christians for their unwavering support in the battle against crime and criminal elements, and he urged Christians to commemorate the symbolic anniversary of Christ’s birth.

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