Concerns: Benue Government Claims Udende Misled Senate

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Emmanuel Udende, a senator from Benue North, is facing accusations from the Benue State Government, who claim that he lied to the Senate about the attack situation in the state, specifically in his hometown of Ukum Local Government area.

As a fellow member of the local government, Paul Biam—the chief of staff to the governor—reacted on Wednesday to a motion of urgent national importance introduced by Senator Udende. He said that Biam had communicated with caretaker chairman Victor Iorzaa and the security agencies, and that his findings contradicted the senator’s statements made on Senate floor.

In a motion of critical national importance about the security situation in Benue State, Udende had earlier claimed on Wednesday that the attackers were impersonating herdsmen, as reported by the GODZGENERALBLOG.

“Despite public outcry, there is no visible action on the part of the government to curtail, abate or stop the criminal activities of the elements,” Udende said, accusing Governor Hyacinth Alia of continuing to do nothing.

In light of this new information, Biam questioned why Udende would choose to overlook the protracted conflict in Ukum, which has once again thrust the local militia into the spotlight.

He expressed his displeasure with the senator’s decision to spare the militia of blame and his reasons for purposefully leaving out relevant information.

Biam stated that intelligence gathered by security services showed that the Ukum attacks were orchestrated by a combination of the local militia and the herders.

“The governor has been working nonstop, meeting with security agencies nationwide, to make sure that everyone in Benue is safe.”

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Investigations into the incident are continuing, he added, but some people have been arrested as a result of it.

Until their backers are exposed and punished, Biam avowed, the government will not stop pushing.

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