Crimes against children’s access to education in Kaduna and Sokoto—Representatives’ Office

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The kidnapping of innocent people, especially students in the states of Kaduna and Sokoto, has been strongly denounced by the House of Representatives.

According to GODZENERALBLOG, on Wednesday, robbers abducted a large number of pupils in Kaduna State’s Chikun Local Government Area.

On Saturday, abduction occurred once again with fifteen Tsangaya kids in the Gidan Bakuso area of the Gada Local Government Area in Sokoto State.

In a statement, House spokesman Mr. Akin Rotimi responded to this disturbing trend by saying that the criminal acts “Are not just attacks on individuals but also on the fundamental right to education and security of our citizens.”

The House deliberated on three motions on Wednesday and Thursday, March 6 and 7, 2024, moved by Sada Soli (APC, Katsina), Zainab Gimba (APC, Borno), and Mukhtar Zakari (APC, Kaduna) regarding the necessity to address the increasing worries of insecurity in the nation, he recalled, in reaction to these kidnappings and other criminal activities.

“In keeping with our legislative agenda, the House has urged security agencies to step up their efforts in rooting out criminal elements nationwide. We are fully committed to collaborating with the executive to guarantee the safety and security of every Nigerian.”

“No Nigerian should be in captivity,” it continued. Our students need to feel safe in our classrooms.

We must all step up and stop the kidnappings, particularly of women and children, especially because the government is trying to solve the problem of so many kids not in school. Our students need to feel protected in the classrooms. Urgent action is required by our security agencies.

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The MPs urged the military and other security authorities to act rapidly in their pursuit of the kidnappers and to guarantee the victims’ safe rescue.

“Our security agencies must intensify their measures to safeguard our citizens, particularly our women and children, from these horrific crimes,” he emphasized.

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