Difficulty: Customs intervenes with major grain markets to halt exports

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By enlisting the help of major grain markets to discourage the export and stockpiling of the commodities, the Nigeria Customs Service has implemented new tactics to combat food shortages and famine throughout the country.

In Kano on Friday, Bashir Adeniyi Adewale, the Comptroller General of the Service, said that President Bola Tinubu had given them marching orders to curtail excessive hoarding and illegal exportation of grains. This was part of his strategic engagement on the distribution of seized grains stored at Customs facilities across Nigeria.

He asserted that it is his responsibility as the Comptroller General of Customs to eradicate any factor that could hinder Nigeria’s economic progress and lead to widespread malnutrition.

The implementation of the extent rules against the export of food commodities, beans, cassava, rice, and sorghum, is vital to what they do, he added, and recent events have prompted urgent steps to reduce food hunger across Nigeria.

He went on to say that the Customs is keeping a close watch to prevent the overexport of food products, which is causing people to go hungry.

As part of the food that is being dispersed across the country, Bashir mentioned that over 120 trucks with crucial food products were recently seized nationwide.

Similarly, the CG made it clear that they are doing all in their power to prevent firms from buying grain directly from farmers and instead allow them to sell it at marketplaces.

He assured the public that Customs will work in tandem with the Nigerian military, police, and other law enforcement organizations to accomplish its goals.

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