Difficulty: Ekiti State Government Gives the Go-Ahead for N331 Million in Food Supplies

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The state government of Ekiti has given the go-ahead to buy and distribute N331 million worth of food to the poor in all 16 LGAs and 22 LCDAs of the state. This is all part of Governor Biodun Oyebanji’s newly announced economic relief program.

Political office holders who served from 2022 to 2023 would have their overdue furniture allowances paid by the state government. This is to show appreciation for their contributions to the development of their LGAs and to help alleviate the impact of the country’s hardship.

Members of the executive branch, including secretaries, supervisors, councilors, and vice chairs, stand to gain from this arrangement.

Mr. Folorunso Olabode, the state commissioner for local government affairs, announced the news in Ado Ekiti and said that the move was made to help mitigate the impact of the worldwide economic downturn.

Assuring that the distribution would be conducted impartially and without regard to political affiliation or influence, Olabode emphasized that each ward would receive 25 bags of rice. He also mentioned that the process would be carried out in conjunction with the Community Development Associations (CDAs) in each local government area.

He further mentioned that the measure is anticipated to alleviate the growing food costs for local populations.

Taking advantage of opportunities provided by the state government through the Ministry of Agriculture, the commissioner advised local governments to encourage people, especially youths, to engage in agriculture. The goal is to transition farmers in the state from subsistence farming to real agribusiness.

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