Disagreement erupts between Osun rights group and Assembly over suspected attack

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Emmanuel Olowu, who is the chairman of the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights (CDHR) in Osun State, has accused Adewale Egbedun’s aides of converting the Osun State House of Assembly into their personal assets.

After an official letter was delivered to the Office of the Speaker, Egbedun, Olowu’s assistants refused to accept it, according to a petition he sent to state media outlets.

While he was doing so, he said, an aide to the Speaker attacked him.

“It should be noted that one of the aides of Mr. Speaker stated even in the presence of the men of the Nigeria Police who are attached to the office of the Speaker that he would have assaulted our comrade if he didn’t know him personally. This gives us the impression that Mr. Speaker and his aides have turned the Assembly into their personal property,” he complained.

The rejection of the letters, according to Olowu, would have far-reaching effects on Nigeria’s democracy. He went on to say that it violated the principles of transparent government and the public’s ability to easily contact their elected representatives.

People have a right to know about activities that undermine their society’s democratic fabric, so we are urging media houses to research and report on this topic. “As an organization, we are calling the attention of the media to this ugly situation,” he continued.

Olamide Tiamiyu, chief press secretary to the speaker of the Osun assembly, issued a statement in response to the petition in which he accused the petitioner of spreading false information.

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Furthermore, Tiamiyu disclosed that the statement uncovered a malevolent plot against Speaker Egbedun and his office.

It is customary for the civil servants working in the office of the Honorable Speaker to accept correspondence from visitors. These officers were previously employed by the former Speaker.

According to reports, Emmanuel Olowu’s colleague arrived to the House on Tuesday, December 19, 2023, at approximately 5:00 pm. The officer who welcomed him cordially requested that he deliver the corrected letter the following business day with legal representation so that he may fix the mistakes.

Emmanuel turned in the letter on Wednesday, December 20, 2023, without fixing the obvious mistake, and the senior officer in charge of that office—a woman—stole it from him quietly. Osun CDHR has a history of submitting erroneous letters to the House.

Since the House of Assembly had never discussed a measure pertaining to a judge’s retirement age, he maintained that the letter’s title was deceiving.

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