Ex-Oyo LG chairmen warned by Makinde that they are distracting him

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Former Oyo State local government chairmen who were fired in 2019 are causing problems for Governor Seyi Makinde’s administration, according to Makinde.

The disgraced chairmen, according to the governor, had been trying to derail his administration at every turn.

The outgoing council chiefs were elected in 2018, while Governor Abiola Ajimobi was in office, as previously reported by GODZGENERALBLOG

In 2019, Makinde removed the three-term elected council bosses from their positions.

According to GODZGENERALBLOG, the previous council bosses were able to get a court ruling that ordered the freezing of state accounts in ten commercial banks.

Due to Makinde’s failure to pay the past council chairs their due, they took legal action.

But Makinde said in his response that his government would resist the temptation to divert state funds until all other lawful options had been explored.

He went on to say that the council bosses will remain unpaid until he receives an order to do so from the Supreme Court.

I could have collaborated with anybody, but we determined that they had to go because they did something that was not in keeping with the Constitution,” Makinde said on Saturday.

There had been prior incidents. At first glance, it would appear that I made that choice in response to events that have already occurred. No; my only motivation for making the decision was my firm belief that we could not stand on unconstitutional ground.

Even though they were both party members, Governors Alao-Akala and Ladoja were embroiled in a power struggle in 2007. Upon taking office, the late Alao-Akala immediately dissolved the LG chairs and installed his own loyalists. When Governor Abiola Ajimobi arrived in 2011, the same thing occurred. They were dissolved by his hand.

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The current government is still paying the benefits to the disbanded groups from 2007 and 2011. It wasn’t until 2019 that they finally took the matter to court; after the dismissal, they “forum-shopped” their way to the FCT High Court from other courts.

Someone on my legal team intervened and suggested that going after them would be an abuse of the court process, so I decided against it. It was the Oyo State High Court that initially rejected this case, hence the FCT High Court is acting independently of it. Even though I usually am very focused, I became sidetracked during that one act.

But here’s some bad news: they won’t get any money until the Supreme Court orders us to pay. I shall ensure that no one gets cheated. Regardless, I convened a team meeting yesterday. There is no need to be concerned. The foundation of this government is the Constitution.

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