False surveyor sentenced to three years in prison for N2.5 million loan scam

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Benjamin Adegbola, 55, was given a three-year prison term on Friday by an Abeokuta Magistrates’ Court for stealing N2.5 million from two families while they were claiming to have gotten a land survey plan.

Adegbola was found guilty on three counts of theft, fraud, and gaining under false pretence, notwithstanding his not-guilty pleas.

The prosecution had established the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, according to Magistrate Mr. S. S. Shotayo.

Adegbola was handed a two-year, one-year, and three-year prison term by Shotayo on each count. Both sentences would execute at the same time.

He also offered the offender the chance to serve his sentence in prison or return N1.7 million to the plaintiffs.

Earlier in the trial, Insp. Evelyn Motim, the prosecutor, informed the court that the offence was committed by the defendant in the Oke-ilewo area of Abeokuta between March 2020 and August 2021.

The perp allegedly stole N2.5 million from the families of Viadinu Todeuke and OkeOdebija by posing as a registered surveyor, as reported by Motim.

Despite her claims, the convicted felon was unable to return the funds since he had taken them under the guise of obtaining a registered land survey plan for the two families.

The prosecutor elaborated by saying that the convicted felon took the funds and spent them on himself.

Ogun State Laws of 2006, sections 484, 390(9), and 419, were violated in the crime.

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