First Lady Tinubu: “Nigerian people will have a glorious 2024.”

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At a Saturday event at the State House, President Tinubu’s wife Oluremi Tinubu predicted that Nigerians would have a beautiful year in 2024.

After celebrating Christmas with the kids at Abuja’s Nana Berry Orphanage, the First Lady made this statement in her holiday message.

As we enter the year 2024, our message should be about how to change the lives of the youth,” she said, urging parents to keep believing in their children.

Whoever we are, we need to quit bringing up the topic of poverty in front of our kids. We aren’t a poor country, and the rich should help the poor get richer. That’s all that’s needed.

We must offer hope and demonstrate a good side of life to these young people because we have removed the subject of poverty from its proper perspective, and it is truly poisoning their hearts.

“Those who think this year will be magnificent will have a wonderful time because we are about to enter it.”

Mrs. Tinubu shared a Bible story with the kids during the celebration and urged parents to teach their children moral values so that they might grow up to be decent people.

“That is what we all grow up with—parents telling children Christmas stories,” she concluded. Our family has chosen to alter the course of Christmas celebrations at the State House this year.

In this dispensation, we are obligated to adopt one home annually; the next year, another home from an orphanage will be brought in so that the children can feel safe and accepted.

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“Because they are all Nigerian, and because their dreams are the same as ours, we are bringing them here to show them that nothing is impossible and that they, too, can be the one God chooses to hold this kind of power.”

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