Former Katsina Governor Radda Signs VAPP and Child Protection Laws

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A major stride towards a safer and more equitable society for all has been achieved with the signing of the Violence Against Persons Prohibition, VAPP, and Child Protection Laws into law by Governor Dikko Umaru Radda of Katsina State.

Following the signing ceremony at the Katsina Government House, a steering committee was promptly inaugurated, highlighting the state’s steadfast dedication to addressing the pressing matter of gender-based violence (GBV).

All Katsina people may be assured of equality, safety, and justice thanks to these legislation, as Governor Radda emphasized. Eliminating gender-based violence and safeguarding the rights of marginalized communities, especially children and women, were his top priorities.

A new steering committee has been formed to tackle this complicated topic in a collaborative manner. Its members come from various government authorities, civil society organizations, and advocacy groups.

In a statement, Governor Radda emphasized the state’s steadfast resolve to address the widespread issue of gender-based violence (GBV).

He implored the committee members to take the lead in the unrelenting battle against this social threat.

Governor Radda drew on Islamic precepts and the Hausa-Fulani people’s rich cultural past to emphasize the difference between GBV and deeply held religious and cultural beliefs. He emphasized that everyone must do their part to end this breach of trust in society.

Governor Radda urged religious and traditional leaders to work together closely and provide assistance, acknowledging the significant impact they had. Recognizing the critical role these individuals perform in rallying support for the cause, he emphasized the significance of community engagement.

Governor Radda reaffirmed her faith in the Commissioner of Women Affairs’ leadership and gave her the task of forming crucial agencies to tackle gender-based violence (GBV) head-on. He emphasized that in order to address this widespread problem, there must be a unified effort.

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Radda praised the Katsina State House of Assembly for its quick passage of the VAPP Act, recognizing its critical role in fighting violence in all its manifestations.

He made it clear that he was steadfast in his goal of creating a world where people are safe from terror.

There will be no slack from the governor of Katsina when it comes to gender-based violence, he said. He promised to create Katsina State where everyone’s rights and dignity are respected and protected.

Justice Musa Danladi Abubakar, chief judge of Katsina state, promised the state’s governor that the judiciary will do all in its power to hasten the verdicts in instances involving gender-based violence and child abuse.

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