Fuel subsidy: Bisi Akande accuses Buhari of being to fault for Nigeria’s economic woes

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Chief Bisi Akande, an elderly statesman and prominent member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has placed the blame for the hardships that Nigerians are presently facing on former President Muhammadu Buhari, who removed the fuel subsidy.

Former Osun State governor Akande has stated that President Buhari should have eliminated fuel subsidies upon taking office in 2015, arguing that Nigerians would have already conquered the difficulties of doing so.

As for the economic policies of the Buhari administration, the former APC interim national chairman stated that he was never on board with them.

“I couldn’t go to the press to express that, even though I kept repeating it, since I was part of the administration. There was no point as Buhari never actually barred me from entering his home. According to his interview on Channels TV, he promised to meet up with him anytime he wanted.

Also, I was mentioning that economic management was something I felt uneasy about. Take the removal of the fuel subsidy as an example. We had multiple meetings to discuss whether or not Buhari should withdraw the subsidy between his election as president and his inauguration, and he was ultimately convinced.

I had anticipated that the subsidy would be eliminated the moment he assumed office, but I was unaware of what transpired. And he began to be cautious following his inauguration, going at a leisurely pace throughout the first four years in office.

It all started when he announced his intention to end the subsidy at the start of his tenure, but the country’s reaction forced him to change his mind. Therefore, I felt uneasy right from the start. By then, Nigerians should have grown accustomed to life without subsidies.

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Fuel subsidy payments were reportedly not included in President Bola Tinubu’s 2023 budget proposal during his inaugural address at Eagles Square, according to GODZGENERALBLOG

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