Grandmothers were portrayed in a negative light by Nollywood, according to Fr. Kelvin Ugwu

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The Gambia-based Catholic missionary priest Fr. Kelvin Ugwu has leveled accusations against Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry, saying that it perpetuates the stereotype of grandmothers as witches.

Also, according to the cleric, the biggest film business in Africa might have been the first to suggest that people or ghosts might vanish and reappear anywhere they pleased.

On Wednesday, Ugwu posted the claim to his Facebook page.

He claims that the film industry in Nigeria propagated the belief that pastors and prophets should be one’s first and foremost contacts in times of crisis.

The concept of an elderly grandma turning into a witch and swooping down on her grandkids in the dark is heavily promoted by Nollywood, he said.

Nollywood is huge on the idea that people or ghosts can vanish and reappear wherever they desire, and it may have been the first to suggest this.

When it comes to the belief that owls, cats, bats, wall geckos, etc. are demonic, Nollywood is the main supporter.

Nollywood heavily promotes the idea that individuals with mental illness or who are insane on our streets are merely exploited as sacrifices.

Pastors and prophets were portrayed in Nollywood as the go-to individuals to consult when issues arose.

As a final resolution, a pastor, prophet, or priest appears in every film involving sacrifices, illness, or evil grandmothers.

Get ready to witness a man of God who, whenever the movie has a native doctor, will force the native doctor to rely on other animals until he dies.

For this reason, many of you will never fully grasp the significance of what I have written here on the role of God and knowledge, simply because you have integrated these concepts into your own being through heavy consumption. The performers and actresses actually have faith in their own made-up tales.

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“That is why many sick Nollywood actors have been supposed to get well by visiting Mr. Abido Shaker, only to find out that the Abido Shaker’s power was never actually released.”

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