Husband detained as an accessory after housewife in Kano is caught up in murder investigation

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A 24-year-old housewife named Hafsat Surajo has been apprehended by the Police Command in Kano State on charges of murder for reportedly stabbing her domestic worker named Nafi’u Hafiz to death.

Unguwa Uku in the state’s Taurani Local Government Area (LGA) is where the event happened, according to the police.

Friday, CP Hussaini Gumel, the commissioner of police, said this.

Speaking to reporters, Gumel said that on December 21, he heard from a man named Hafizu Salisu that his brother Nafi’u Hafiz had passed away. The caller was Daiyanu Abdullahi of Unguwa Uku, Kano.

According to him, the brother discovered multiple wounds on the body of the deceased, which appeared to be inflicted by knives, upon his arrival at the residence in Unguwa Uku.

According to the police commissioner, a housewife named Hafsat Surajo was apprehended in the home where the victim had resided after an investigation had uncovered crucial suspects.

His account is that the suspect admitted to stabbing the victim multiple times.

The CP announced that Dayyabu Abdullahi, the wife’s husband, and Malam Adamu, the gateman, were apprehended for their roles in helping to conceal, package, and hide the body in order to cover up the culpable homicide.

According to Gumel, the inquiry uncovered a bloodstained knife that had been used in the crime.

He went on to say that once investigations were complete, the suspect would face charges in court.

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