I served Nigeria to the best of my ability; history will decide how I was judged – Babangida

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According to General Ibrahim Babangida, a former head of state of the Nigerian military, he served his country to the best of his ability and that history will judge him accordingly.

Learning more about the country and making friends everywhere was Babangida’s greatest accomplishment, he said.

But, while speaking to reporters at his Hilltop home in Minna, Niger State, the former Nigerian leader did confess to using both conversation and coercion as methods of leadership.

“Number one is that I served the country the best I could,” he stated when questioned about his accomplishments as Head of State.

I will let history decide whether it was satisfactory or not, but I did my best.

It was easy for me to connect with the locals. I was able to get to know the nation better because to my many travels, and I had no issues with them.

“One of my greatest accomplishments, I thought, was making friends all over the nation.”

IBB, as he is more well known, emphasized the need of young Nigerians learning about their nation as the future leaders of that generation.

Now is the time for you young people to learn about the country and its people; if you can do or at least grasp this, it will help you immensely when it comes time for you to take the helm as leaders.

Positioning yourself as a leader and guiding others is your responsibility, just as it is in any other style. In time, you become someone people seek to for answers to their difficulties or anxieties, he said.

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