Ibadan locals express concern that Christmas festivities may be spoiled due to lack of funds

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On Friday, some people in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, expressed their dismay at the difficulties they have been experiencing due to a lack of funds, expressing concern that it would ruin their Christmas festivities.

The locals expressed their frustration with the banks’ inaccessibility un separate interviews with NAN.

Mr. Niyi Olawuyi, an entrepreneur, described the ordeal as terrifying, saying that some banks would not offer customers more than N10,000 while others would give as little as N5,000.

Olawuyi pointed out that many individuals were facing network issues while attempting to conduct commerce or trade that required money transfers due to a scarcity of cash.

Mr. Wale Adio, another business owner, claimed that clients of his bank are only given N5,000 and that those seeking more would have to approach point-of-sale operators.

“A lot of business owners who are trying to pay their employees are having a hard time getting the money they need to run their companies,” Adio stated.

The cash shortage, especially during this festive period, was characterized by Mr. Sola Famakinwa, an employer with a private organization, as regrettable and disagreeable.

If you want your money, you’ll have to squander time waiting in line. The daily cash limit at several banks has been lowered from N20,000 to N5,000. So many people’s Christmas plans will be impacted by this.

The transfer is ineffective due to the typical network issue. He lamented that many are grappling with the inability to access their meager bank accounts.

But government employee Mrs. Aina Ojo claimed she didn’t understand the cash crunch because she didn’t need anything to wait in line for at the bank.

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So that I can relax and enjoy this holiday season, all I want is for the federal government to pay me the N35,000 wage award that was promised. “That’s all,” Ojo declared.

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