In exchange for Ojukwu releasing Awolowo, the IPOB counsel demanded that Nnamdi Kanu be freed

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Many are calling on President Bola Tinubu to release Nnamdi Kanu, the head of IPOB, as a form of revenge.

The special counsel for Kanu, Aloy Ejimakor, has argued that Tinubu ought to free the IPOB leader as retribution for the 1960s release of Obafemi Awolowo by Odumegu Ojukwu.

Awolowo spent 1965 behind bars in Calabar prison after his treason conviction.

However, on August 3, 1966, the late Biafran warrior was released from prison.

On X, Ejimakor wrote: “Okpara made sure that Awolowo was imprisoned in the East to shield him from his enemies in the West and North when he was found guilty of treason in 1965.”.

To appease the Yorubas, Ojukwu wasted no time releasing Awolowo after assuming control. It’s time to get even. I think @officialABAT ought to #FreeMNK.

Furthermore, the constitutional lawyer pointed out that, should Kanu be released, the over-deployment of the Army in the Southeast would be rendered unnecessary.

It is clear that Nigeria treats the Ndigbo with extreme harshness, as evidenced by the increasing over-deployment of the army in the southeast despite the higher levels of insecurity in the north.

This reached unprecedented heights under Buhari, and it seems that Tinubu has kept it going. Adding, “If you #FreeMNK,” it won’t be needed.

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