In Kwara, unidentified gunmen kidnap a girl and murder a doctor

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The medical director of Dafikayo Clinic, Dr. David Adefikayo, was brutally assassinated at his apartment in Kanbi, Moro Local Government Area, Kwara State, on Thursday by unidentified gunmen who are believed to be assassins.

At about 8:30 p.m., the assailants broke into Dr. Adefikayo’s home; despite the doctor’s cries for help and offers of money or other valuables, the gunmen shot and killed him in front of his horrified family. The explanations behind their actions are still unknown.

As if the family’s pain wasn’t bad enough, the gunmen then seized the deceased’s youngest daughter, a girl of sixteen years old, and ran away.

No one knows who killed the girl or where she is currently being held captive.

An unnamed family member or close associate described the horrific event, expressing astonishment and sadness over what had happened.

Since Dr. Adefikayo was a well-respected member of the community who made important contributions to healthcare in the area, this tragedy has left everyone in shock.

It was not possible to reach DSP Ejire Adetoun Adeyemi, the Kwara State Police Public Relations Officer, as the story was being prepared.

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