In the same-sex saga, Fr. Kelvin argues that the Catholic Church is the first target for the devil’s efforts to eradicate Christianity

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The devil could eradicate Christianity from the planet if he destroyed the Catholic church, according to Rev. Fr. Kelvin Ugwu, a Nigerian missionary priest currently ministering in Gambia.

This was expressed by the Catholic priest in a response to the contentious document that Pope Francis backed concerning same-sex marriage on his verified Facebook page.

According to GODZGENERALBLOG, a story surfaced earlier this week that the Vatican has given its okay to same-sex marriages.

Many Christians, including a number of Catholic bishops, have distanced themselves from the document, which has caused controversy worldwide.

Some atheists have also resorted to online mockery of Christians in response to the news.

However, Father Kelvin responded by telling his followers to avoid anything that makes fun of Christianity.

“Restraint is required at this moment,” he declared. Refrain from following the crowd that has been waiting for this chance to mock our Christian faith.

I say this to Christians everywhere: the devil needs to destroy the Catholic church in order to disseminate this Christian faith kpatakpata. I really hope you never see it, even if you don’t.

The priest expressed his displeasure with the vague wording of the Vatican letter, arguing that it was the lack of clarity that had given rise to the debates.

A document that necessitated explanations from the Catholic Bishops conferences, explanations from nearly every bishop in their diocese, and explanations from priests to their parishioners in person and online is of poor quality.

The document’s main flaw is that it failed to state much or provide clear requirements. The things it omitted were much more damaging than the things it did express, he continued.

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