Kaduna: CAN urges calm holiday festivities

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A joyful Christmas to all Nigerians is what the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Kaduna State branch has hoped.

In it, the authors hoped that all Nigerians would make a firm effort to live in harmony with one another and respect the Federal Republic of Nigeria Constitution.

In a statement released on Sunday in Kaduna, Rev. John Joseph Hayab, the state chairman of CAN, expressed the following: “CAN Kaduna State chapter wishes every Nigerian happy Christmas celebrations and earnestly prays that Nigerians will be committed to observing the provisions of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and seek to live peacefully with one another.”

As we rejoice in the birth of Jesus Christ, we should take time to reflect on the meaning of this holy season and the hope it provides to all people. As a result, Nigerians and people everywhere should realize how much God loves them since He sent His son to earth to rescue sinners through their fidelity to one another.

According to him, CAN is hoping that Nigerians will come together as a family to face any challenge that threatens the corporate life of society and that everyone has a safe and joyful migration.

Justice elevates a nation, and CAN cautioned judges to maintain objectivity in all of their rulings as part of their Christmas wishes and calls for peace in Nigeria.

It urged judges at all levels to maintain objectivity in the many unresolved cases concerning governorship elections.

He emphasized that the preservation of national unity and peace was of utmost importance, and that justices at the Supreme Court should make decisions with this goal in mind.

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He made the observation that the current state of the judiciary requires more public trust and confidence than ever before. He emphasized that the only way to gain this trust is to reform the delivery of justice in a way that promotes social equality and the rule of law, with the goal of constructing a democratic Nigeria.

Since the Nigerian people have such great regard for the Supreme Court, the state chairman said that its justices should be perceived as impartial so that the average citizen can have faith in the system and know that justice will be done regardless of party involved.

According to the statement, a nation’s downfall is inevitable when the public’s faith in the court, the foundation of every democracy, wanes.

The statement emphasized that CAN believes that in order for Nigeria to advance in all areas, the judiciary, which is a part of the social system, needs to develop into an institution that verifies the constitutionality of every decision.

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