Legislation Designating Funds for 2024 Ratified by Taraba Governor

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The N313 billion budget for the fiscal year 2024 has been approved by Agbu Kefas, the governor of Taraba State.

As he officially signed the bill into law at Government House, Jalingo, on Friday, the governor expressed his admiration for the Taraba State House of Assembly for their diligent and efficient work.

Until the people’s dreams and hopes were fulfilled, Kefas promised everyone involved that the budget would have a positive impact on their daily life.

The signing follows the budget’s passage into law by the Assembly members just a short time ago.

According to GODZGENERALBLOG, the budget was increased from N311 billion to N313 billion by the members of the Assembly who acted unanimously.

Supposedly, the change was made to accommodate a few projects that relate to the government’s five-finger development program.

He assured that the budget would be fully implemented and praised the Assembly for passing it so quickly.

He firmly thought that the people, regardless of their political affiliation, religious beliefs, or ethnic background, must now lend his administration the support it sorely needs because his administration will make sure that every peso spent will improve the state.

According to the House of Assembly leadership, namely Speaker John Bonzina Kizito, lawmakers have opted to speed up the budget’s adoption so that the governor can begin building important projects.

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