NNL suspends Jigawa Golden Stars striker Alim for trickery

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The Nigeria National League (NNL) has suspended Jigawa Golden Stars striker Mohammed Alim for the remainder of current season and the entire 2024/2025 season for his scandalous behavior.

The NNL made many decisions following Jigawa’s 2-1 victory over Abuja-based Sporting Supreme.

Mohammed was seen in a viral video using his hands to hurl the ball into the net, and the referee, who has since been suspended by the Nigeria Football Federation, declared it a goal.

The NNL stated in their verdict that the player used his hands improperly, bringing the game into disrepute.

It should be recalled that the NFF promptly expelled referee Nasiru from Katsina State from officiating in the NNL.

It announced in a statement that the referee would be barred from officiating in Nigerian football.

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