Nollywood star Azeez Ijaduade visited by Ogun CP in hospital; shooting condemned

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The shooting of a well-known Nollywood actor in Ogun State has drawn condemnation from the state’s police commissioner, Abiodun Alamutu.

While visiting the actor at Babcock University Teaching Hospital in the Iperu Ikenne Local Government Area of the state at about 11 a.m. on Sunday, the police chief addressed the situation.

You may remember that the actor was brought to the hospital in a hurry after an officer on the loose with a Chinese expat accidentally shot him.

Also, the state police spokeswoman initially stated that the victim was wounded by a bullet shell and not a live bullet when responding to the incident.

The police commissioner informed the media that the officer responsible for the shooting is already facing disciplinary action during an interview.

He claimed that the anonymous police officer had shot into the air to scatter the thugs who had planned to attack the person he had grown attached to.

Even though the shooting was tragic and unwarranted, Alamutu is relieved to hear that the actor is doing well.

There was no rationale for the one at hand, he said, adding that there were instances when police had to use force to disperse crowds.

According to the super cop, the officer’s behavior was inappropriate and he would take disciplinary action.

“It was a tragic incident, but based on what I can tell after seeing the victim, it did not appear to be a direct hit,” noted Alamutu. It turns out that the policeman was attached to the principal and had to fire rounds to disperse some crowd members. Regrettably, the victim was located along that axis. What struck the unfortunate person was the shell.

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But he put the public’s fears to rest by stating that the sufferer was already on the mend.

So far, everything points to him being on the mend; the only catch is that he will need close monitoring for a while to rule out any serious damage to important organs. I don’t think anyone is impacted by his demeanor. “However, that can only be confirmed by doctors,” he remarked.

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