Nollywood star Azeez Ijaduade was injured in Ogun by a shell rather than a bullet, according to the police

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Azeez Ololade Ijaduade, a well-known actor and film director from Nigeria, was shot in the neck by an officer, according to the Ogun State Police Command.

Abiodun Adebanjo, whose Instagram account is @iamabiodunadebanjo, was a colleague of the victim and the news of the shooting spread throughout the night on social media.

“Please, we need assistance in Iperu,” the message read. The Nigerian police officer who shot my director, Azeez Ijaduade (@kingzeez1), is now dead.

The Babcock University Teaching Hospital is currently caring for him. No one should hesitate to contact the Police IG or Commissioner if they have their contact information.

As a result, the state’s police force has been the target of widespread criticism for allegedly lacking professionalism.

Statements from state command spokeswoman Omolola Odutola verified the occurrence and explained that the actor was injured in the neck by a bullet.

A mobile policeman accompanying the Chinese expat fired a shot into the air during the Bramaj Company’s end-of-year party at a hotel, and the projectile struck actor Azeez Ijaduade “m” in the neck, according to Odutola.

The actor’s current condition remains unknown to GODZGENERALBLOG, while police have stated that he is in stable condition.

She reported that he was taken to a hospital in Ilishan and is currently in a stable condition.

But Odutola did mention that the cop had been taken into custody and that an inquiry into the matter had begun.

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