Obi to Muslims: Seek Allah’s intervention against unnecessary killing in Nigeria

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Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate for the general elections of 2023, has urged Muslims in Nigeria to take use of the opportunity provided by Eid el Fitr to ask Allah to intervene on behalf of their country.

Obi urged the populace to maintain their love, brotherhood, and peaceful coexistence in the face of the nation’s current, unheard-of adversity.

According to Rather Obi, the people should recommit to the values of love, patriotism, and unity in order to achieve the intended level of national growth. They should also use this year’s Eid-El Fitri celebrations to foster a sense of unity.

In a message to Muslims, the former governor of Anambra State stated that, as they conclude their fasting periods, followers of the two major religions—Islam and Christianity—should allow the solemnity of the holy months to inform how they interact with one another and consider the future of the nation.

Obi expressed his dissatisfaction with the quantity of bloodshed occurring in the nation on a daily basis and requested that Allah be consulted immediately.

The LP standard bearer stated that the gratuitous military deaths and the thousands of innocent lives lost every day in Nigeria’s difficult regions—especially the stress experienced by schoolchildren in the North—should be sufficient grounds to beg God to spare the nation from impending disaster.

“More than ever, we must pray fervently for our beloved country since its survival depends critically on divine intervention.

“Unemployment and inflation are on the rise, the currency is depreciating daily, and our economy is already under tremendous strain.”

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In closing, Obi pleaded with the populace not to give up and to not lose sight of the true spirit of the celebration and the supernatural support it bestows, promising that a new Nigeria is still conceivable and that there is always hope for the future.

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