Osu, Ohu, Ume, and other caste systems to be abolished by two Imo communities

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Two more communities in Imo State, Oboro Amurie and Amurie Omanze, both located in the Isu Local Government Area, will abolish caste systems in January 2024.

Some people are viewed as outsiders by this system, which causes them to be marginalized.

The elimination of the Osu, Ohu, Ume, and Diala caste systems in these areas was the result of years of campaigning by the National Human Rights Commission and other non-governmental organizations, according to a statement issued by Mrs. Chinyere Oge-Kalu, Executive Director of Pillars of Hope Africa Initiative (POHAI).

She was certain that additional communities, including all of Imo State and Igboland, will eventually do away with these disgusting caste systems.

Oge-Kalu praised the people and traditional leaders of the Amurie Ancient Kingdom in Isu Local Government, Imo State, for leading the charge to abolish the Osu, Ohu, Ume, and Diala Caste systems in Igboland. The kingdom included Amurie Omanze and Oboro Amurie.

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