Our actions are making a difference in the rivers situation – PDP condemns Sule Lamido

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has assured its members once again that it is making a difference, especially in light of recent political events in Rivers State.

Following an emergency meeting on Wednesday, the PDP’s National Working Committee (NWC) reaffirmed the party’s unity and ground presence in Rivers State and around the nation.

According to the party, the National Working Committee (NWC) headed by Umar Iliya Damagum has been consistently leading the party despite claims that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is trying to crush the opposition and create a one-party dictatorship in Nigeria.

A statement was issued by the party by its National Publicity Secretary, Debo Ologunagba.

According to the statement, the NWC is unhappy with some officials’ careless behavior and unguarded statements that aim to discredit important party organs.

Specifically, the statement brought attention to the harmful public comment attributed to His Excellency Sule Lamido, the former governor of Jigawa State, and stated that Lamido probably made the statement with the intention of causing trouble and bringing disgrace upon our party for his own selfish gain.

“The National Working Committee has received deeply troubling information that the One-Party-State seeking APC administration is enlisting such corrupt individuals to destroy the unity of the PDP, preventing it from fulfilling its opposition role in protecting democracy and the welfare of Nigerians.

Those who have profited greatly from the PDP but have a history of shamelessly betraying the Party in different elections and whenever they get the chance to further their own interests are bringing forth such despicable behavior, remarks, statements, and betrayals, and it is truly sad that this is happening.

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The remarks, words, and deeds of these unpatriotic people are at odds with the opportunity that our Party offered them in the past, and it is instructive to state that some of the problems that have recently beset our Party and are currently besetting it are traceable to them.

“At the very least, Nigerians and PDP members expect these leaders to demonstrate their loyalty to the Party and the country by offering constructive criticism that will benefit the Party and the people of Nigeria in terms of effective leadership. They should refrain from doing anything that could derail the Party’s sincere attempts at reform, even if it goes against their own personal political agenda and ambitions.

“These leaders need to know that what they’re doing and saying is damaging to Nigerians’ well-being and goes against the PDP’s constitution, particularly Sections 57, 58, and 59.”

The NWC has decided to take swift and proper disciplinary action against these persons in accordance with the party’s Constitution, as said in the statement.

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