Over the Christmas season, 640 FRSC men were sent to key places in Bauchi

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In anticipation of the holiday season, the Bauchi Sector Command of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has dispersed 640 troops across the state.

This was disclosed on Friday in Bauchi during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) by the Sector Commander, Mr. Patrick Ikaba.

Additionally, eleven patrol cars and five ambulances were sent to key areas across the state to bolster response operations in case of an emergency, he added.

Ikaba elaborated by saying that the operation’s equipment had been sent to around 115 officers, 360 regular marshals, 155 special marshals, and 10 medical staff.

Our people had also been sent to certain local government districts without offices, according to the sector commander.

When it comes to preventing accidents and implementing strong safety measures, he stressed the need of working together with other sister organizations.

“The Tax Force and the FRSC will work together to eliminate all markets located on major highways.”

Thus, he stressed the need of drivers and other road users constantly following the law.

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