Over the destruction of barriers, the Lagos government has promised to prosecute truck drivers

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Truck drivers in Lagos State will face prosecution for destroying restriction barriers, according to the state government.

Truck drivers using the Stadium, Ojuelegba, and Dorman Long Bridges are subject to height restriction barriers (truck barriers) for articulated vehicles. The State Government has decided to prosecute those drivers after issuing multiple warnings.

In a statement signed by Mr. Oluwaseun Osiyemi, the Commissioner for Transportation, the State was left with no choice but to prosecute truck drivers who wantonly destroyed the barriers that had been put up to prevent the frequent articulated vehicle accidents that had caused property and life losses in the state.

It will no longer be accepted, he said, because the truck drivers’ disruptive attitude seriously endangered the safety of everyone on the road.

He assured the public that the Lagos State Government will hold perpetrators accountable through legal means, stating that the deliberate destruction of public property is a criminal offense.

“Report any suspicious activities to the Ministry of Transportation through 09038208154 or 09034810153 as their cooperation is in line with the safety and integrity of public infrastructure,” the Commissioner emphasized, urging the public to acknowledge the significance of these safety measures.

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