Police in Ogun say that Nollywood star Azeez Ijaduade was wounded by a shell rather than a bullet

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An officer shot and killed Azeez Ololade Ijaduade, a famous Nigerian actor and film director, in the neck, according to the Ogun State Police Command.

Overnight, word of the shooting spread on social media as the victim’s colleague, Abiodun Adebanjo (@iamabiodunadebanjo on Instagram), shared the incident.

A plea for assistance in Iperu was made in the post. A member of the Nigerian police force shot and killed my director, Azeez Ijaduade (@kingzeez1).

Right now, he’s being treated at Babcock Memorial Teaching Hospital. It would be very appreciated if anyone could get in touch with the Police IG or Commissioner.

Since then, the state’s police force has been heavily criticized for what is supposedly their lack of professionalism.

Omolola Odutola, a spokesman for the state command, acknowledged the incident in a statement and explained that the actor was injured in the neck by a bullet shell.

Odutola claimed that at the Bramaj Company end-of-year celebration held at a hotel, a mobile policeman who was linked to a Chinese expat fired a shot into the air. Regrettably, the bullet struck actor Azeez Ijaduade in the neck.

Although GODZGENERALBLOG was unable to verify the actor’s current condition, authorities have stated that he is in a stable state.

She reported that he is in a fairly stable condition after being brought to a hospital in Ilishan.

The cop was detained, and an inquiry into the matter was initiated, according to Odutola.

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