Primates Ayodele predicts the following events in 2024: the president will be assassinated, the governor will die, and the Tinubu government will be attempted to overthrow

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A sitting president will be assassinated and a governor will die, according to Primate Elijah Ayodele of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church.

Ayodele, primate of all Nigerians, foretold that groups would plot coups against President Bola Tinubu’s government.

He revealed that Tinubu’s associates deliberately mislead him by telling him what he wants to hear.

Ayodele predicted that the Cabals will want to topple Tinubu’s administration, according to a statement released by his media aide Oluwatosin Osho. People will tell Tinubu exactly what he wants to hear, so he will be tricked.

During Tinubu’s tenure as president, Nigeria will undergo significant changes. The results of his efforts will be less than anticipated. Under his administration, corruption will flourish, and tribalism, favoritism, and nepotism will rule the day.

The government has to make a lot of changes if it wants to progress. The president will be blinded to the truth by the people. Critics will not be tolerated by this administration, and they will not even listen to constructive criticism.

My prediction is that a Governor’s convoy will be taken, along with a Commissioner and an adviser. A new dimension will be added to kidnapping, according to the Holy Spirit. I hope none of the governors of Nigeria end up bedridden.

WHOLE WORLD: In 2024, I heard a nudge from above telling me to pray against the successful assassination of four prominent figures: a sitting president, a former president, a prime minister, and a former prime minister. In the event that there is a coup in Africa, escalating pressure, or a rebellion that might topple the current president, let us pray for his safety.

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Many worldwide financial disasters are prophesied by the Holy Spirit. The assassination of a sitting president is unlikely, in my opinion. We should all hope that no president will ever be overthrown and that no presidential villa will ever be set on fire.

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