Problems arise in the north as kidnapping schoolchildren becomes a lucrative profession – Shehu Sani

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Senator Shehu Sani, a former congressman, bemoaned the disruptions to the educational sector in northern Nigeria’s schools on Friday, describing the abduction of schoolchildren there as a profitable enterprise.

According to Sani, the kidnappers exploit it to force the government to pay a large ransom since they know the public will feel sorry for the students and put pressure on the government to comply.

Terrorists reportedly abducted 285 students and faculty members from LGEA Primary School in Kuriga (1), Chikun Local Government Area, Kaduna State, on Thursday morning, according to GODZGENERALBLOG.

The incident occurred at approximately 8:20 am, right after the morning assembly, according to GODZGENERALBLOG’s reporting.

According to Sani, this trend poses a significant threat to primary and secondary education in northern Nigeria since many parents in rural regions will no longer feel safe sending their children to school.

The abduction of innocent schoolchildren in Northern Nigeria is a profitable enterprise, he stated. They hold the government to ransom by demanding large sums of money using it.

Their goal is to get the government to give in to their demands by appealing to public sympathy for the students. As a result, many rural parents no longer feel comfortable sending their children to school. In Northern Nigeria, this is a major issue with elementary schooling.

There has been a marked decrease in the frequency of such attacks on schools compared to the last administration, despite the horrific incident that occurred.

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