Protesting the ongoing kidnapping of spouses for ransom, Igbo shopkeepers in Lokoja shut down their shops

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On Tuesday, Igbo merchants in Lokoja, the capital of Kogi State, closed their stores in protest at what they say is the persistent abduction of their wives.

The merchants voiced their displeasure with the change and claimed that criminals have persisted in kidnapping their spouses for ransom.

After the State Government intervened, the Igbo traders’ leadership decided to cancel Wednesday’s demonstration, which had been scheduled for two days earlier.

An unnamed Igbo trader in Kogi said, “It was a protest by Igbo traders in Kogi over the incessant kidnapping of our women.” He was not permitted to talk publicly. This keeps happening on a monthly basis.

One person will be released one month, and then another will be chosen the following month. For more than two years, this has persisted. This morning, Wednesday, the demonstration that had been scheduled for two days before was canceled.

The demonstration was reportedly suspended because, “according to our leadership, they said government officials and officials of Lokoja Local Government Area intervened in the matter,” he added.

According to Mr. Sunday Ike, a trader who spoke with our reporter, “rampant kidnapping of Igbo traders in the state” causes constant anxiety among Igbo traders.

He expressed concern about the increasing number of abductions of Igbos in the state. We are constantly on edge. Igbo traders are an imperilled people group. Abduction of an Igbo woman on her way home from church occurred not long ago. The husband had to pay a hefty ransom to her captors before they would release her.

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Abdullahi Adamu, the caretaker chairman of the Lokoja local government, allegedly met with Igbo merchants on Tuesday, according to him.

He reported that the head of the local government had reassured them that Lokoja will remain a welcoming place for people of all backgrounds in Nigeria.

The head of the LGA promised that his government will keep the peace and work to ensure the safety of all residents of the state.

“Our union leadership has ordered us to call off the protest because of his intervention, and that is why our shops were opened today,” Ike added.

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