Put your own aspirations on pause – Permanent Secretaries HoS Yemi-Esan recently appointed

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The newly appointed Permanent Secretaries have been ordered by the Head of the Federation’s Civil Service (HoSF), Folasade Yemi-Esan, to set aside their individual aspirations and strive to conform to the goals of the current administration’s Renewed Hope Agenda.

Good managers, she said, must keep the public’s sentiments in mind when making private judgments.

During the opening of a two-day Retreat in Abuja on Wednesday, December 20, 2023, the HoSF made this charge.

It is crucial to work hard to elevate the Service, she said, and to demonstrate to the political class that the Service can deliver results. She instructed them to assume ownership of all the reform programs launched by the OHCSF and to advance the Renewed Hope Agenda.

It was HoSF’s hope that they would not let down the Service or the political leadership that had given them this chance.

While she emphasized the importance of maintaining cordial and ethical relationships with their ministers and other stakeholders, she also reminded them that it is their responsibility to swiftly address any problems that arise, without making excuses.

This is what will set you apart as transformational Permanent Secretaries, as opposed to transactional ones. “You have to do all it takes to get rid of those obstacles,” she said.

The purpose of the retreat, according to Dr. (Engr.) Marcus Ogunbiyi, Permanent Secretary, Career Management Office, OHCSF, who welcomed the new permanent secretaries, was to familiarize them with the presidential mandates, to bring them into contact with their responsibilities, to help them perform better in their new roles, and to allow them to learn from more seasoned permanent secretaries, some of whom had been designated as resource persons.

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In order to help the newly appointed individuals perform better in their various roles, they were given a series of lectures and case studies to go through. There was a lot of space for people to ask questions, share their thoughts, and remark.

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