How to use Quickteller USSD Codes For Money Transfer, Bills Payment,Airtime,Loans, Purchases etc

Quickteller is a robust platform for fast and convenient payments across the world. But there are short code you can dail using your mobile phone to access and interact with range of services without the need of an internet connection which only a GSM phone is required. By this Quickteller ussd codes being dail on your phone, you can call up a simple text interface that allows you carry out such as:

  • airtime purchase,
  • funds transfer,
  • loan request,
  • Subscriptions,
  • Data purchase,
  • Payment online and so on.

Quicketter USSD codes and their uses

  • Balance Enquiry :
    You can use this code to check your account balance via Quickteller. This includes eCash account balance and your other bank accounts.
    Code: *322*9*0#
  • Money Transfer :
    Use this code to transfer funds to a bank account by Quickteller.
  • Request Quickteller Loan :
    Use this code to request for loan by Quickteller
    Code: *322*6#
  • Cardless Withdrawal :
    You can use this code to generate Paycode for cardless withdrawals using the ATM.
  • Generate Safetoken :
    Use this code to generate OTP at Quickteller to complete your transaction
    Code: *322*0#
  • Airtime Recharge :
    Use *322*[Amount]# short code for a self-recharge transaction
    Use *322*[MobileNumber]*[Amount]# code to recharge other people’s phone number.
    Codes: *322*[Amount]# or *322*[MobileNumber]*[Amount]# 
  • Fund eCash :
    Use this code to fund your eCash account at Quickteller. This will prompt you to enter a phone number that you want to fund.
    Code: *322*0000*amount# 
  • Pin selection :
    Use *322*3# code to select a new PIN when you have not activated your eCash.
    Use *322*4# code to change existing eCash PIN.
    Codes:*322*3# or *322*4# 

Also, you can download quickteller application from Google app stores at no cost nor are there any subscription fees. However, fees are charged on transactions. The transaction or service charge is dependent on the transaction type.
Should you have a problem kindly contact or call 01-9065000.


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