Ramadan: Residents of Kano are being warned by the police about their safety

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On Monday, the Kano State Police Command urged Muslims across the state to remain cautious as they observe regular religious rituals, not only during Ramadan but also beyond.

During an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Kano on Monday, Mr. Usaini Gumel, the Commissioner of Police, made the announcement.

According to Gumel, the leadership has made sufficient security precautions to guarantee a quiet and trouble-free fasting time.

During the evening prayers (Tarawi), exegesis (Tafsir), and midnight prayers (Tahajjud) in the state, he emphasized that everyone should be careful and attentive.

He emphasized the need of residents reporting any suspicious activity to the local police formation so that security measures can be taken promptly.

The commissioner emphasized the need of Muslims keeping a close eye on their homes and properties when they visit mosques.

“Being law-abiding, obeying traffic regulations, and cooperating with security agencies are all important for the people of Kano State to avoid a breach of peace,” he added.

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