Sixty individuals apprehended by Abia police; ten automobiles and eight tricycles seized

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From October to December 2023, a total of 60 individuals were apprehended by the Abia State Police Command. Of these, 58 were male and 2 were female.

In a press briefing given by the command’s Public Relations Officer, ASP Maureen Chinaka, who was representing the commissioner, it was said that the command had developed and executed administrative and operational initiatives with outstanding outcomes.

Multiple individuals were apprehended and numerous exhibits were recovered over the period, as reported by ASP Chinaka, who added that the command made notable progress in reducing armed robberies, kidnappings, and damage of government property.

Among the many items on display are firearms of varying calibres, ten cars, eight tricycles, railway shoes, and what appear to be illegal narcotics.

The police public information officer stated that throughout the time under consideration, stolen tricycles and cars were used to securely rescue children who had been trafficked or abducted.

She went on to say that in all, 12 cases were brought to trial and ultimately resulted in convictions after being charged with various crimes.

Rape, defilement, theft, malicious damage, assault, burglary, and murder were all charges in the instances.

ASP Chinaka also found the tricycles’ registration numbers, which were UMA 27VQ.

ACH 919QT, RLU 713QH, BLF 254QG, and UML 710QJ are all part of HAF 152QG. But there was one trike that didn’t have a license plate.

Two of the recovered automobiles bore the license plates LSR 906FJ and CYS 7898.

The Abia State Police Headquarters saw the procession of some of the individuals apprehended for a variety of offenses. On display were tricycles and firearms of several calibres.

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A suspect from Enugu State, who spoke to reporters by merely saying his name, Udeh, claimed he was apprehended by the authorities while transporting aluminum goods he had “bought somewhere.”

After the procession, Abia State Police Commissioner Kenechukwu Onwuemelie spoke to reporters in his office and assured them that the command is making every effort to keep Abia State secure. In order to ensure the safety of the people living in Abia, he said that the police force under his command is working along with the state administration and other security organizations.

While urging everyone to stay within the bounds of the law, Onwuemelie reassured state residents and tourists that they would be adequately protected over the Christmas season.

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