The NLO first day match will be aired live

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Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) will broadcast the opening day game of the upcoming season on its sports channel, according to the Nigeria Nationwide League One.

At 3 p.m. on Saturday (today), Kaduna United and YOCA Crocodiles will play at Ahmadu Bello Stadium in Kaduna.

The development was revealed to NLO Media by Olushola Ogunnowo, the NLO’s chief operating officer.

“To our million viewers across Nigeria and beyond, we are thrilled to be able to showcase the best of the New Year Mega Lottery Nationwide League One football live,” he said.

“NLO TV and Blend TV will provide live coverage of Kaduna United vs. Yoca Crocodiles FC’s opening new season game.”

“An advertisement will cause the live broadcast on NTA Sports to be delayed; however, Blend TV will air the show live.

“With the live broadcast of our official opening game to kick off the season, we hope to showcase to Nigerians the caliber of their grassroots football as well as the world its vast potential in terms of undeveloped talent.

“I am encouraging fans to subscribe to our TV Channels on YouTube via Nationwide League One TV and NLO TV 001, as selected 2024 NLO matches from other centers as of the 20th will be on live stream, aside from Saturday’s opening season match.”

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