This Enugu police station has never seen a case of a youngster left alone

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Reportedly, a mother in Ogui Police Station, Enugu, allegedly abandoned her children because of financial difficulties. This has been blasted by the Enugu State Police Command.

In a statement released on Friday in Enugu, the State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Daniel Ndukwe, provided the clarification.

According to him, the command has received reports that a depressed woman abandoned her children at the Ogui Police Station on March 2.

His account is that the news reports went on to say that she ran into a moving car outside the police station before she committed suicide.

Having said that, these rumors are completely false and deceiving. Therefore, the command provides a clear and precise description of what happened.

According to reports obtained by the Divisional Police Officers (DPOs) of Central Police Station (CPS) and Ogui Police Division, a mother allegedly left her three children unattended in front of God Is Good Terminal on Ogui Road near Osisatech Roundabout in Enugu on March 2, at approximately 8:30 in the morning.

In addition, the callers said that the woman, suffering from a mental illness, nuded herself before fleeing to an unspecified location.

“The DPOs and their teams wasted no time in getting to the scene. They discovered the children and promptly brought them to Ogui Police Station. Following this, investigations were initiated to find their mother,” he stated.

According to the police image maker, the governor’s wife, Mrs. Nkechinyere Mbah, paid a visit to the police station while the investigations were underway, giving financial aid and scholarships to three children (names withheld)—aged six, three, and two—through the welfare program.

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He further stated that Mrs. Ngozi Enih, the ministry’s commissioner, transferred them to the Ministry of Gender Affairs and Social Development afterwards.

Also, he mentioned that the woman’s husband had gone to the police station to report his missing wife, saying that she had recently begun acting strangely, which could be an indication of mental health problems.

Ndukwe explained that the husband had gone to work that morning in the Ugwuaji area of Enugu South Local Government Area, but he hadn’t seen his wife or children when he got home.

So, let it be known unequivocally that the woman did not abandon the children and then kill herself in a car crash outside of Ogui Police Station, as has been falsely and misleadingly reported online.

On March 2, there was no deadly motor-pedestrian collision reported along the entire stretch of Ogui Road, Enugu, or in front of the Police Station.

The spokesperson emphasized that the public is asked to dismiss false and misleading information, adding that investigations are underway to determine the woman’s status and location.

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