Top Best Online Shopping Sites In Nigeria 2023

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In today’s digital age, local shopping has become a thing of the past as potential buyers are more interested in shopping online than going to a physical store to purchase a product. In this article we will be discussing on everything you need to know about online shopping sites, why people choose them, the benefits the carry and also most importantly the top best online shopping sites in Nigeria.

What are Online Shopping Sites?

As the name implies online shopping sites are simply e-commerce or digital selling websites that connects buyers to their marketplace with thousands of credible sellers to shop with. Buyers can oder for their choice of product and get it shipped to their desired location.

Why Do I Need to Shop Online?

Well, if you are a novice trying to understand why online shopping is necessary rather than going to the normal or traditional physical store then you need to follow this heading carefully.

Online shopping is mostly done by introverts, business people who are not self-employed and also people with a very tight schedule, because of their time frame or personality they find comfort in shopping online. Also they are lots of benefits one can get from shopping online and we will be looking at that in the next heading

Benefits Of Online Shopping Sites

1. Flexibility and Accessibility: on like physical store where one will be required to walk around the store to find a product of choice, online shopping sites made it easy by providing products in their different categories and brands making it super flexible and very accessible for someone who wants to place an order. Cool right?

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2. Lower Prices and Expenses: You may ask how and why online shopping has lower prices. Well, online shopping sites made it possible for over a thousand different sellers to sale the same products and each seller has control over the price of his good’s an the overall package. With that kind of heavy competition over there, for sellers to get customers to purchase from them considering the fact that they are lots of sellers with same product, sellers are forced to reduce the price of the goods to attract more buyers. This made online shopping cheaper and lower in terms of price and overall expenses.

3. Good Refund Policy: Online shopping sites made it easy for buyer’s to refund a product they are not 100 percent satisfied with or the product isn’t what the ordered for. Most online shopping sites put a 15 days capped on you when you receive a product to file for a refund and once you file for a refund and return the product your money will be refunded within 24hours.

Top Best Online Shopping Sites In Nigeria

1. Jumia

Jumia is one of the best if not the best online shopping site in Nigeria with over a hundred thousand sellers and four thousand employees (4000).

2. Konga

Konga is the second best online shopping site in Nigeria which has been around since August 2012 and has its official headquarters located at Gbagada, Lagos State. Konga sells in different categories such as; consumer electronics, fashion, home appliances, books, children’s items, computers & accessories, phones and tablets, health care, and personal care products.

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3. Jiji

Jiji is or can be seen as the third best or popular online shopping site in Nigeria as it attracts thousands of sellers and buyers all over Nigeria.

4. Olist

Similar to Jiji olist is a marketplace that connects buyers to sellers in their different locations. To purchase from olist you simply need to insert the keyword of your choice product and select your location then you will be connected to different sellers that sell those products in your location for you to reach out to them and purchase.

5. Spar Nigeria

Spar Nigeria is a top supermarket that is in many states in Nigeria, spar Nigeria had a shopping website were you can search for your product and get it shipped to your choice of location. Unfortunately spar Nigeria is only available to people who reside in Lagos like Ikeja, Ilupeju, Victoria Island and Lekki Phase One.


Having gone through this list of the top best online shopping sites in Nigeria you can now be able to go ahead and choose the store you like to shop in. Thanks For Reading!

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