UNICEF denounces kidnapping of Kaduna students

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The kidnapping of students in Kaduna State by bandits has been strongly criticized by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

In light of the disturbing prevalence of similar occurrences nationwide, the children’s charity has demanded swift and resolute action from society and government at all levels.

In a statement released on Friday, Cristian Munduate, the UNICEF Representative in Nigeria, detailed how the organization was working in tandem with local authorities to offer psychological support services to the impacted families and parents.

Kuriga, Kaduna State was rocked to its core on Thursday morning when robbers stormed the region, opened fire, and kidnapped more than two hundred and eighty students and faculty members from the Government Secondary School and the LEA elementary school.

The rumors of another kidnapping in Kaduna State have saddened Munduate, who has voiced her worry that schools should be places of study and development rather than places of terror and violence.

As with earlier abductions, this one is deeply troubling and fits within a disturbing pattern of assaults on schools in Nigeria, especially in the northwest, where armed factions have stepped up their campaign of kidnappings and violence. The UN Resident Coordinator had spoken the day before about a large-scale kidnapping in Borno state involving girls, boys, and women by a non-state armed group.

UNICEF has demanded that the Nigerian government take urgent and thorough steps to safeguard all schools and to guarantee the safe return of the kidnapped children and personnel.

Munduate emphasized the critical need of ensuring the safety and security of both children and instructors. This will enable schools to fulfill their important function as nurturing environments for learning and personal growth.

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She elaborated on the need of safeguarding the right to education from threats of violence and intimidation, saying that it is important.

Nobody has the right to threaten or physically harm someone in order to prevent them from getting an education. She stressed that Nigerian children should be able to learn in peace.

She emphasized that the United Nations Children’s Agency is committed to working with other government agencies, local communities, and other partners to address the root causes of child violence and to ensure that schools are safe places for all students.

The speaker expressed her deep concern over the current state of community safety in Nigeria and how it is affecting children more than anyone else. She emphasized that every child deserves to grow up in a safe environment free from threats and insecurity.

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