Without solid institutions, Nigeria may struggle to advance; the United States doesn’t

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Augustine Okereke, a professor at Medgar Evers College/City University of New York, has cautioned that the nation may struggle to advance in the absence of robust institutions.

Speaking Thursday in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state, Okereke stated that sustained growth in Nigeria is being impeded by a lack of robust social institutions.

The don continued by pleading for President Bola Tinubu to address the country’s social issues, including corruption, by promoting a system of robust institutions.

At the inaugural Ibadan social science conference, which took place at the University of Ibadan, the don made these remarks while delivering the main paper.

“All our institutions are on the decline,” the don said while addressing the assembly.

It will be challenging for Nigeria to attain sustainable development, he said, unless appropriate frameworks are put in place.

The speaker made the statement that African nations encounter significant obstacles when it comes to achieving sustainability across all areas.

African nations will persist in their struggles against poverty, underemployment, and injustice unless these frameworks are put in place.

Professor Ezebunwa Nwokocha, dean of the University of Ibadan’s faculty of social sciences, has claimed that the department’s social science research offers profoundly intellectual, situationally appropriate answers to the problems confronting Nigeria.

Professors in the humanities and social sciences, according to Nwokocha, have the expertise to guide the country’s leadership through its current crisis.

Among his accomplishments, he mentioned that his faculty is known for providing Nigeria with solutions that are both practical and rooted in intellectual inquiry. Members of our faculty include Dennis Ugwuegbu, Onigu Otite, Peter P. Eke, Akin Mabogunje, and Ojetunji Aboyade, Mr. Chairman.

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The next generation is arrived, and they’re making a strong case through ground-breaking studies that intellectual leadership is very essential.

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